BREAKING: Adam Schiff's New Impeachment Charges Rejected By Constitutional Scholar At Today's Judicial Committee Inquiry

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

In a series of questions and answers with lawyer, George Washington University Professor, and legal scholar Jonathan Turley, he categorically rejected Adam Schiff's charges that President Trump committed impeachable offenses on the basis that the terms are not even clearly defined and therefore useless. Even further, Turley argued the call transcripts prove President Trump never asked for a quid pro quo, and that President Trump never withheld aid for any reason at all.

During questioning with John Ratcliffe, Turley stated that impeaching a president over maladministration would be an abuse of power by Congress. He also agreed with his written report that President Trump had "no corrupt intent" and he also argued a "legitimate" impeachment inquiry would be based on documents and evidence instead of hearsay, and expediting such an inquiry constitutes an abuse of power by Congress. Moreover, when asked if President Trump did anything constituting an abuse of power, he responded President Trump didn't.

When asked to respond to Democrat statements concerning a recent article he wrote and his current testimony, he stated that, unlike what Democrats tried to paint him as saying, he believes there was no proof of President Trump using his office for personal or political gain. Further, he stated the evidence used by the Democrats in Schiff's impeachment inquiry was not firsthand accounts and that they were ignoring the firsthand witnesses available, like the whistleblower, instead relying on accounts of accounts of the situations.

These arguments come on the heels of Adam Schiff's impeachment report, which levies a series of false and debunked charges against President Trump, including the Quid Pro Quo Hoax and President Trump asking for an investigation into a political rival for personal or political gain. The call transcript proves President Trump was investigating corruption and not trying to interfere in the political race and President Zelenskyy stated multiple times he was not pressured into giving an investigation. Zelenskyy also said there would never be one.

As the impeachment treasure hunt trudges on, the facts are being fully ignored by Democrats as they try to make hoaxes invented by Adam Schiff stick. Constitutional scholars are debunking Democrat statements and proving there really is nothing to the entire Impeachment Inquiry. Not only do the Constitutional Convention Debates prove "maladministration" is not a cause for impeachment, but the fact the transcript itself and Zelenskyy's own statements prove there was no quid pro quo and that President Trump did not ask for political meddling and was instead investigating corruption is a damnable fact to Democrat impeachment arguments.

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  1. Except you will never see this on the lying MSM. Something must be done about the near total control one party has over the media. If it continues they will destroy democracy.

    1. You can help fight the bias by sharing articles from different news sites and telling others of their existence.


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