ALARMING: This Is The Shocking List Of Donald Trump Hoaxes The Mainstream Media Reported As Fact About Him In 2019

By Daily Fodder Editorial Team

Editor's Note: This page was updated constantly in 2019 to showcase the fake news of the liberal and mainstream media in regard to President Donald Trump. 

HOAX: Russian Collusion

FACT: The Mueller Report completely debunked this hoax.

HOAX: Trump is a Russian Asset

FACT: The Mueller Report completely debunked this hoax.

HOAX: President Trump pressured Ukraine

HOAX: President Trump engaged in a Quid Pro Quo over Ukrainian military aid

HOAX: President Trump solicited a foreign government to interfere in the 2020 election

FACT: The call transcript shows President Trump was asking about a server involved in corruption charges against Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Joe Biden. This has absolutely nothing to do with the 2020 election and President Trump was not asking for dirt on Joe Biden. He was referencing a server the FBI was not given access to that reportedly has Hillary Clinton's emails on it. There hasn't been a single phone conversation or recording where President Trump asked Zelenskyy for any assistance in the 2020 election. The nature of the investigation is corruption, not dirt, and Attorney General William Barr has made that clear.

HOAX: President Trump Betrayed The Nation

FACT: There is no proof that President Trump has committed treason. The Ukraine call was considered a "good call" by members of the intelligence community who "high-fived" each other after the call according to Vindman. Even further, much of what was done in Ukraine was done by ambassadors and Trump's cabinet. He had very little to actually do with deal-making in Ukraine according to the so-called "star witnesses" who testified before Adam Schiff's Impeachment Show Trials.


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