ALARMING: Nancy Pelosi Says God Wants President Trump Impeached In Her Announcement Of Articles Of Impeachment Over Quid Pro Quo Hoax

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

In what could only be described as the ravings of a lunatic, Nancy Pelosi's announcement of Articles of Impeachment against President Trump included all the juicy scandal of a paranoid tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist who doesnt accept clearly-drawn evidence and instead supplants their own reality.

Not only did Pelosi claim impeaching President Trump is akin to dethroning the bloody, tyrannical, warmongering King George for suppressing his people and removing their representation from government, but she then went off the deep end, claiming that, as the Framers invoked Divine Providence in their Declaration, Democrats too are following in their footsteps.

Its official, the Democrat Party has become mentally unbalanced. They are engaging in all the signs of Persecutory Delusional Disorder. They believe they were mistreated when President Trump won the election constitutionally in the way we've been doing it since 1789. They think President Trump is planning to harm them, even though all President Trump has been doing is investigating corruption. And they have been making repeated complaints to legal authorities. If this was a psychological patient, then they would have been diagnosed by now and treated accordingly.

But we aren't dealing with a single patient, we are dealing with mass hysteria and delusions not based on reality. The transcripts, Ukrainian investigator testimonies, the witness testimonies in Adam Schiff's Impeachment Show Trials, they all prove there isn't a single SHRED of evidence available. The Democrats have nothing, and now they've also added a good measure of Delusions of Grandeur in their quest to impeach "orange man" over this nothing.

This completely unhinged rhetoric is all the ramblings of an alarming delusional disorder. I pray Democrats don't seriously believe these things and are hoping they can lie their way into the office in 2020. I'd rather have liars than lunatics in Congress, because at least a liar knows they are lying, a lunatic doesn't even know what's real.

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