ALARMING: IG Horowitz's Report Says Barack Obama's FBI Violated The Constitution In Their Illegal Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

After much anticipation, Inspector General Horowitz's Report on the FBI's Four FISA applications was released on Monday halfway through the Impeachment Pseudo Debates, where Nadler threw out the Rules of Order and shouted down Republicans who cited the rules to him. The much anticipated reports sheds needed light on the process the FBI and Department of Justice took to spy on the Trump Campaign based on nothing more than a single report from an unnamed "Friendly Foreign Government" and undisclosed "reasonable suspicions" of FBI officials.

But one little-discussed point that could provide a Supreme Court ruling if legal action is taken by President Trump was the Obama FBI was given free rein by the Department of Justice to violate the Constitution. As per the report:

"Additionally, both the AG Guidelines and the DIOG permit the FBI to conduct an investigation,
even if it might impact First Amendment or other constitutionally protected activity, so long as there is some legitimate law enforcement purpose associated with the investigation."

Even further, the report found that the investigation was, in fact, politically intertwined, a fact the report stated was concerning since, according to the report itself, the Justice Department and FBI provided no oversight when opening an investigation into a political party's campaign:

"However, we were concerned to find that neither the AG Guidelines nor the DIOG contain a provision requiring Department consultation before opening an investigation such as the one here involving the alleged conduct of individuals associated with a major party presidential campaign."

So, just to review, Barack Obama's FBI and Department of Justice wittingly ignored the Constitution and even gave authorization to do so. Further, they provided zero oversight into launching investigations into political parties and, once said investigations were opened, the Constitution was not considered a reasonable cause to stop one. Yet, somehow, the Intelligence Community and Democrats are arguing President Trump, the person seeking to remove and root out such corruption from ever happening again, is the corrupt tyrant.

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