ALARMING: CNN, MSNBC, And The Left Just Weaponized A Disabled Child For Their Benefit Against Donald Trump And Nobody Cares About Her

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old girl suffering from Asperger's, has been the talk of the town. In a truly saddening speech before the U.N. she menacingly and angrily stated that people are "watching" governments and will do something if they don't play nice with the eco-fascist agenda of banning everything under the sun and completely destroying modern society in the process. She said her childhood was "stolen" from her because she's scared the world will boil to death, despite there being zero actual evidence this will even happen. And now President Trump has taken the bait, along with the rest of the Right.

Instead of pointing out how disturbing it is to weaponize a disabled child as a sympathy vote for a cause, President Trump responded by attacking her. And so has the Right. Instead of pointing out, and repeating, the dastardly deed of using children as ideological shields against the mortar fire of actual truth, the Right collectively chose to attack a child and her parents. This is unfortunate, because the real fodder is how disgusting the Left is, that they would sink so low as to take advantage of a disabled child to advance a narrative.

They have attacked Barron Trump, they have defended comedians whose sick and depraved "jokes" involved murdering the President and other government officials, and now they have begun to use children as a shield to hide behind because their policies are so out of touch with reality and utterly indefensible that this is their only option left. But instead of attacking the Left for their sick and morally depraved low blow, the Right responded by attacking the child.

The Right missed a perfectly good opportunity to expose the craziness of the Left. They missed an opportunity to help Greta and save her and others down the road from the amoral psychopathy of today's Left, who think it's perfectly fine to depict a dead President and dead politicians and threaten President Trump's children and family. This would have been the death blow that may have completely discredited the Left. But instead we responded by attacking a 16-year-old.

The Left is the real issue with this country. They are murdering babies with abortion policies that now include infanticide. So not only is a baby unsafe in the womb, it is now unsafe out of one. They are using disabled children as ideological shields and weaponizing them for sympathy points. And they are trying to undo a completely fair election through manufacturing a series of hoaxes and scandals. We need to reveal the psychopathy of the Left and make people realize they are crazy and amoral if we are going to win the soul of this country. We must expose their tyranny through factual arguments and bombshell tell-alls that prove their danger to the Constitution. And we cannot get caught up in attacking children, because that's exactly what they want us to do.

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