Will Trump's Written Testimony Destroy The Democrats' Impeachment Witch Hunt?

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

As if the transcripts of the two calls and the President of Ukraine's responses aren't enough to destroy the impeachment treasure hunt, President Trump is now considering giving a written testimonial. Anyone with a brain at this point can see how this impeachment "inquiry" is nothing but a 2020 campaign ploy to try to get President Trump out of the picture in 2020.

The recent dump of documents from Burisma Holdings makes it clear as day that Joe Biden was leveraging his office as Vice President to force Ukraine to fire the investigator looking into his son's peculiar position at Barisma. Even further, we have Rep. Elise Stefanik blatantly rehashing Yovanovitch's own testimony and bringing up a "practice Q&A" where the Obama Administration coached her on how to answer the Joe Biden corruption allegations.

Joe Biden is knee-deep in corruption, has serious health scandals, can barely even read the talking points handed to him, and is the frontrunner of a party that is not only infiltrated by communists but also is partnered with the intelligence community in a coup to take out a duly-elected president. This is the same party that controlled the Intelligence Agencies during the 2016 election and engaged with the Five Eyes to spy on a political candiate of the opposing party.

Surely the Democrat Party will not stand a chance in 2020 for these reasons alone. With every finger they point at President Trump for investigating Burisma and Ukraine (even though Joe Biden himself has already stated he withheld aid from Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor looking into his son), they have at least 4 pointing back at them. Even Christopher Steele himself stated the Dossier was funded to gather fodder on now-President Trump for Hillary Clinton to win the election. This was the document the intelligence community self-leaked to the press to trick the FISA courts into allowing them to spy on President Trump.

It makes perfect sense why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would accidentally leak the Democrats' open secret of being scared of a Trump 2020. They set themselves up for him to walk right into the White House doors.

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