Will The Media Ever Stop Covering Up Democrat Impeachment Lies?

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Ambassador Gordon Sondland, who was long-hailed as the man who supposedly had the nail in the coffin for President Trump and the non-existent "quid pro quo," turned out to be President Trump's biggest ally. Not only did he say he had "limited information," but he also expressed he thought his testimony helped "fill in the blanks" of the Ukraine Hoax.

Well, to Sondland's credit, it certainly did fill in blanks, the blanks the Republicans needed to pile onto the mountain of evidence proving just how made up the whole "quid pro quo" narrative truly is. And for that he should be congratulated.

We are finally getting somewhere in this impeachment treasure hunt. We have a major witness saying Donald Trump "did not want anything" and another who purjured himself while accidentally revealing he is, in fact, the whistleblower, or at the very minimum is the whistleblower's source of information. And now, President Trump is saying he wants to testify publicly.

What's ironic about all of this is the Democrats have been getting their way in the entire process -- the witnesses, the shutting down of lines of questioning by Adam Schiff, and Schiff coaching his witnesses through the live questioning process -- and it has not helped them at all. President Trump's approval rating is holding strong at 44%, which is near pre-show-trial numbers and has skyrocketed since the dip it took to 41.6% at the beginning of the show trial. If they're trying to keep President Trump's inevitable 2020 win from happening, which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accidentally revealed, then this impeachment treasure hunt is the worst possible way to do so.

Ambassador Sondland should be applauded for his blatantly contradictory statements concerning the fictitious Democrat narrative that there was a quid pro quo. After all, his testimony only aligns with the call transript, President Zelenskiy's own words, and the fact that Ukraine still received the aid even though Zelenskiy publicly stated there would be no investigation. For once we have a Democrat witness who actually spoke a lot of truth.

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