Why Is The Media Still Pushing Adam Schiff's Quid Quo Pro Hoax In Light Of The Blatant Contradictions In The Witness Testimonies?

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

At the end of the impeachment kangaroo show trials, Democrats made a concerted effort to spread lies they made up about Republican positions that simply don't exist. The culmination of which was with Adam Schiff's fact-devoid closing remarks where he said Republicans deny Russia interfered in the U.S. election, that there was proof of a quid pro quo with Ukraine over military aid, and that Ukraine never colluded with the Democrat Party to influence the 2016 election. All of which are categorically untrue.

But that did not stop the press from picking up the football and running with it:

"Analysis: Mountain of impeachment evidence is beyond dispute" - Associated Press

"Fiona Hill nails the Democrats' case" - CNN

"Officials handed the House a pile of evidence for impeachment" - NBC News

But this "pile" or "mountain" of evidence is nothing. It's testimonies based on a giant game of telephone. "This guy said this because I heard him say it. I can't remember exactly what he said or what really happened for sure, but have a clear recollection of the conversations and events!"

When these flimsy testimonies fell apart at the slightest bit of questioning from Republican lawmakers, instead of the media doing their job and reporting the facts, they continued to play damage control for Adam Schiff and the Democrats. Apparently the media didn't think the treasure trove of contradictory statements in this so-called "mountain of evidence" in the testimonials was an important fact to report on.

No. Move along. Nothing to see here. There's no reason to disagree with us. The blatant hoax campaign being run by Adam Schiff and the Democrats is a fact. But back in the real world, the hoax campaign was most painfully obvious during the last round of questioning when Holmes couldn't bring himself to say "yes" when Stefanik asked him whether Trump and Zelenskiy met. He had to be asked three times before a simple "yes" was offered. If you can't answer a question based on actual events, then what are you really doing here?

In other news, Coldplay is currently holding a live concert being streamed on YouTube, in case you're tired of hearing lies shoved in your face and just want to listen to some good music.

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