Why Is The Media Silent On The Whistleblower Being Accidentally Outed?

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

The Impeachapalooza treasure hunt by the Democrats continued its usual fashion with another lie, this time coming from a star witness. Lt. Col. Vindman lied under oath saying he knew who the whistleblower was, and that naming the people he's spoken to would "out the whistleblower." This contradicted his written testimony where he says he doesn't know who the whistleblower was.

You could have figured as much, considering Adam Schiff was earlier correcting Vindman's statements and coaching him through the live testimony. By the way, does anyone else think Adam Schiff looks like he's about to have an aneurysm all the time? What is he so angry about? Could it be that the truth is angering for him, because he knows he's on the wrong side of it? It seems like Schiff and the Impeachment Brigade are now trying to collude better to take "orange man" down over nothing.

You wouldn't be crazy to think there was no singular "whistleblower" at this point, but instead a group of intelligence community members and Democrats who got together to make up a story to impeach President Trump with. Day 3 was all about the so-called "talking points," even though Vindman himself stated the President can set his own foreign policy initiatives and is above them. They will say anything and everything to try to impeach President Trump at this point, including a new lie that the Ukraine collusion fact was invented by the Russians.

Disregard the evidence, you know, the FBI memos, the USB drives, the court testimonials, etc. It was all an elaborate scam by Russia to put President Trump in office. I wonder if Attorney General William Barr is in on this "scam" too, along with Inspector General Horowitz, who once ran point on the Russia Collusion Hoax? Considering they're about to drop a report that will supposedly indict key players in the Russia Investigation, are they mere Russian agents involved in a conspiracy against the government? Surely the intelligence community would have outed them by now if that were the case. . .

Nevertheless, whatever damage Democrats think they will inflict on President Trump simply isn't materializing. Trump's approval rating is holding strong at 44%, despite the constant barrage of attacks from Impeachapalooza. The Democrats are grasping at straws at this point, and they know it.

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