Why Is The Media Silent On Democrat Corruption?

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By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Recently, news broke of Democrats stealing three seats from Republicans through redistricting in Virginia. These were safe Republican districts (some Republican by margins of 20-30%) that suddenly because safe Democrat districts. The reason? Racist districting. And, no, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Where does it end with Democrats? Not only did they openly spy on a political opponent in 2016, but they also made up fake accusations as they went along and leaked this fake news to the press. The proof of this is CNN's own Van Jones slipping up on camera and admitting the entire Russia Hoax was a "nothing burger."

But it doesn't just end there. The salacious and totally debunked Christopher Steele Dossier was not only paid for by Democrats, but Steele himself stated its sole purpose was to give Hillary Clinton fodder for the election. And this Dossier became the backbone of the Russia Investigation that, as Robert Mueller concluded, found absolutely nothing.

But even worse, there is an actual, verified paper trail between Hillary Clinton and the Ukrainian government in cahoots to take down President Trump. So not only was there ACTUAL collusion, but it was actually between the Democrats, the intelligence community, and the Ukrainian government, and it was while they were asserting it was Trump who was colluding with a foreign power all along.

The media, of course, never once questioned any of this. But why would they? Many of them are former intelligence operatives who don't like Trump. Don't believe the Intelligence Community hates Trump? 60 of them ran on the Democrat Ticket in 2018. The reason? They were "fed up with what they see as the president's disdain for the intel community."
There is an actual, verified paper trail between Hillary Clinton and the Ukrainian government colluding to defeat Trump in 2016
But of course Trump would be fed up with people who are trying to remove him from office in a closed-door coup with direct cooperation from the media. These were the people who met with him, told him something that amounted to "we have these documents that don't really prove anything but will be REALLY BAD for PR," and blatantly lied to his face saying there wasn't an investigation when they were running one. Would you be happy with these people if they did this to you?

But none of that compares to the current impeachment treasure hunt. Here we have all the evidence pointing in the opposite direction of what they are saying -- a transcript, the President of Ukraine, the timeline of events -- but nobody is talking about any of it. We're focusing on testimonies that are regularly contradicting each other (one had to rewrite his after swearing under oath earlier that there was a completely different order of events), that are being released by a verified liar who fabricated sections of the call transcript on public television.

By the way, does anyone know what became of the "investigating the investigators" report that was supposedly going to be released? Small wonder nobody in the news is talking about it anymore. It won't damage Trump. But apparently it's a huge deal, since Deep State operatives are lawyering up. How come that story has been dead in the water for months?
Deep State operatives are lawyering up to defend themselves in Barr's watchdog investigation into the Russia Collusion scandal.
But that isn't even the half of Democrat corruption. As we speak, Freedom Road, an openly socialist organization, is registering communists and Democrats in droves to vote in 2020 for the Democrat Party. Their goal is to hack the election by inflating it with pro-socialist-and-communist voters.

Further, there has been a steady stream of voter fraud reports trickling in. One of the most recent being in Michigan. And who could forget Project Veritas releasing undercover video of Democrat strategists talking about how they take voters in busses from district to district in states with no voter ID laws to have them vote repeatedly for Democrats?

But move along. Nothing to see here. It's Trump and his cabinet who are REALLY guilty of corruption... riiiiight.

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