Why Is The Media Playing Damage Control For Adam Schiff About Sondland's Quid Quo Pro Denial?

By John Paluska. Founder of The Daily Fodder

Adam Schiff and fellow Democrats made their worst possible decision having Gordon Sondland testify. Rather than Sondland being the nail in the coffin to convict President Trump of a quid pro quo with the Preisdent of Ukraine, Sondland repeatedly corrected Democrats that President Trump "wanted nothing. No quid pro quo." But you wouldn't have known it the way the media reported it:

"Trump directed Ukraine quid pro quo, key witness says" - Associated Press

"'Everyone was in the loop' about Ukraine pressure campaign" - Reuters

"Sondland acknowledges Ukraine quid pro quo, implicates Trump, Pence, Pompeo and others" - Washington Post

"Sondland implicates top officials in 'quid pro quo' Ukraine scheme" - CBS News

"Sondland declares quid pro quo, pundits call testimony damaging to Trump" - Fox News

Except that isn't what happened. In fact, Sondland had to repeatedly, once again, REPEATEDLY, said this was categorically untrue. Nothing about this is true. President Trump himself, according to SONDLAND, said he wanted no quid pro quo. Trump himself, according to SONDLAND, said he wanted nothing:

The fact Sondland had to state this multiple times to Democrats should tell you this wasn't some foible. It wasn't some Freudian slip. It was the truth. President Trump wanted nothing. And this makes sense. President Zelenskiy admitted as much in his statements to the press. But, as usual, the press is playing damage control for its favorite party. When will it end?

The fact President Zelenskiy both said there wouldn't be an investigation and that he had no idea there was a withholding of U.S. aid during the phone call should be enough to end this silly quid pro quo conspiracy. Nevermind the existence of the transcripts that are consistently being ignored in this impeachment treasure hunt. Keep digging, Schiff. Eventually you'll dig yourself a hole so deep you won't be able to climb out of it.

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