Why Is The Media Ignoring The Major Red Flags In The Epstein Suicide?

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Jeffrey Epstein's death is surrounded by a series of anomalies: the missing camera footage, the fact that one prison guard was a "fill-in" and not an actual prison guard, he was removed from suicide watch against protocol, was not checked every 30 minutes in violation of protocol, had no cellmate even though the Justice Department said he would have one, and now, most recently, Epstein's guards lied on the log books and were criminally charged.

Things have become so mysterious surrounding his death that there are now public statements of investigating "criminal involvement" in his death. Currently, there are 3 separate investigations into Epstein's apparent suicide. Even high-profile Senators are questioning if Jeffrey Epstein actually killed himself.

Perhaps the only saving grace to the narrative that Epstein did, in fact, kill himself is the medical examiner's report. However, in a Fox News interview, once-Chief Medical Examiner for New York City Dr. Michael Baden claims it's more likely Epstein was murdered based on what he saw during the autopsy.

But perhaps the biggest red flag in the entire debacle is the paper trail leading to Hillary and Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton traveled on the "Lolita Express" numerous times, and Jeffrey Epstein also owned a weird cross-dressing portrait of him. Even further, Bill Clinton was a regular visitor to Epstein's "Orgy Island." But worst of all, the Press Secretary for the Clintons lied about the number of trips and other details. If you're not guilty of anything, why lie?

But even worse than that is the shear timing of the apparent suicide. Epstein had just signed a plea deal where he was about to expose everyone in his crime ring. This would have included billionaires, sex trafficking kingpins, etc. Then, exactly a month later, he is killed off. It's unfortunate we never got to hear is testimony, because the names in his black book from 2015 are gobsmacking in and of themselves.

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