Why Is The Media Ignoring Joe Biden's Ukraine Collusion?

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By John Paluska, the Founder of The Daily Fodder

While known liar Adam Schiff and his Inner Circle are putting Trump through the ringer over fabricated charges,  more proof of Joe Biden's deep partnership with the Ukrainian government is being exposed to the light of day. But, of course, the media is largely silent.

To date, we have Biden on record saying he forced the Ukrainian Government to stop investigating his son, we have a documented paper trail between Hillary Clinton and the Ukrainian Government proving the Democrats and Clinton staffers were colluding with Ukraine to win the 2016 election, and we have Hunter Biden's exorbitantly lavish salary of $50,000 in an energy company despite having ZERO experience in energy, but the media is ignoring all of it.

How much longer will this go on? Will the media simply continue to ignore blatant corruption and follow Schiff's made'up impeachment charges? When will they actually call out the deep collusion between the Democrat Party and the intelligence community and Ukrainian government? When will the press begin to do its job as the defender of truth it so often champions itself as and expose the coup?

60 ex-intelligence operatives ran in 2018 on the Democrat ticket with the sole purpose of being anti-Trump. Many prime time TV newscasters are former intelligence chiefs or operatives, and we even have the whistleblower's lawyer blatantly stating he was talking about a coup in his text messages, but the press is silent. They are totally ignoring all of this. Instead, they are giving lip service to Adam Schiff's impeachment treasure hunt, which has now changed directions 3 times. It started with Russian collusion, and when that failed it moved to obstruction of justice, and when that fizzled out it moved to a non-existent quid-pro-quo.

Never mind the fact that Donald Trump is actually investigating REAL corruption within his own branch of government, as opposed to Obama's intelligence community, which made it up as they went along based off a dossier that was compiled to give Hillary Clinton fodder for the election. Never mind the fact that a treaty that has been in force since the 1990s gives Trump the legal power to ask for what he asked. No, the press feels the need to take down Trump because he won an election. The press feels the need to collude with Adam Schiff. After all, they are part of the #Resistance movement.

When Donald Trump ran in 2016, he said he'd drain the swamp. He said he'd stop the corruption in Washington, D.C. Regardless of whether you think he's successful or not, at the very least he has exposed it. As much as conservatives may have repeated it, there was never a real paper trail between the press and the Democrat Party. It was all hearsay. But now the press is showing their true colors. They are partnering with the intelligence community. They are partnering with Democrats. They are writing fluff pieces about corruption in Democrat ranks but focusing on "Orange Man" and whether he paid his taxes decades ago in New York.

We all knew our government and press was corrupt, but the depth of the corruption is reaching new lows regularly, and this is quite concerning. How long will the press be silent?

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