Why Are Democrats And The Media Lying About Joe Biden, Russia, And Ukraine?

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Today in the impeachment show trial, known liar Adam Schiff and his Democrat allies questioned members of the intelligence community about whether President Trump stuck to the talking points (nevermind the fact that President Trump is in charge of foreign policy, as Vindman himself noted), and a new fake narrative (which the press has faithfully repeated for their favorite party as if it were true) has begun to take form in the impeachment treasure hunt: the Ukraine election hacking never existed.

This is, as usual, completely made up. Not only is there evidence in the form of testimonies and USB flash drives and actual, physical documents, but the press did, in fact, report on it as well. To say none of this is "credible" or that it is an "alternative false narrative" is pretending reality doesn't exist. If there are pieces of paper and USB drives and court testimonials and FBI memos saying something occurred, then how is it an "alternative false narrative" to say it happened?

This Impeachment Inquiry is nothing but a treasure hunt. They have nothing. Every day they go in front of the cameras and completely make up a new reason to impeach President Trump. First it was the Russia Collusion Hoax. When that didn't pan out they switched to obstruction of justice. And when that failed they shifted to a "quid pro quo," and when that didn't pan out they tried to work with bribery, and now that that fizzled out faster than it started they're saying he's going off-script for a movie he directs (so to say) and is making up fake news on Ukrainian election hacking that is heavily documented.

This is the most absurd impeachment inquiry in our nation's history. It's a treasure hunt. Democrats have been digging for dirt since the day President Trump entered office. And the Deep State has been working with the Democrat Party to remove Trump from office, as Andrew McCabe himself has stated. They know there's nothing there, they know they are lying, and they have been playing hopscotch with the show trial because they don't actually have anything worth saying.

I'll end with a link to two sources that go over everything that happened in Spygate, because they are the most comprehensive and original-source-heavy material you will find. If you want to know everything that happened in Spygate (including the most recent advancements relating to the Ukrainian phone calls and Joe Biden's corruption) then read these two links:
Spygate: The True Story of Collusion
Here's How the 'Russia Collusion' SpyGate Deception May Have Played Out

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