Jeffrey Epstein Isn't The Only One

By Robert Siegfried

The other day, posts started making the rounds on social media about the desperate measures the people of Hong Kong are resorting to in their fight against the authoritarian, communist menace at their doorstep. Students at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University constructed barricades and have been fighting the police for several days using the only weapons they can get their hands on: bows and home-built catapults. These brave freedom fighters are locked in desperate, defensive action against a modern, militarized police force which has escalated to using lethal force against anyone who will not submit to the will of Communist China, and they’re doing it with weapons that have been outdated since before the Industrial Revolution.

To make matters worse, opposition figures have been “committing suicide” with alarming frequency, under circumstances so suspicious they’d make whoever killed Jeffrey Epstein blush. The situation has gotten so bad that people being arrested shout their own names and that they will not commit suicide, in the hope that somebody, somewhere, is filming.

It wasn’t always like this. Hong Kong only recently became a Chinese puppet-state. Until 1997 it was a colony of Britain. 22 years ago the people of Hong Kong had human rights, enshrined by law and respected by a western democracy in which they had representation. Today, they are learning a lesson that Americans learned in the 1700’s and many have since forgotten: If you aren’t willing to fight for your rights, you won’t keep them for very long.

The people of Hong Kong didn’t fight to keep their guns under British rule, a status quo which they carried with them in 1997 when they didn’t fight to stay with Britain. Until recently, they didn’t fight the encroaching fingers of Communist China as their freedoms slowly eroded away, until finally things reached a boiling point when the Hong Kong puppet-government attempted to pass a law which would essentially allow China to kidnap dissidents. Now they lack the means to do anything to stop it. Their protests have fallen on deaf ears, and at the end of the day, bows and catapults are not enough to stop an enemy equipped with firearms.

Here in the United States, we haven’t yet given up our weapons, although there are those who want us to. We haven’t yet given up our republic, although there are those who want us to. We haven’t yet submitted to Marxism, although there are those who want us to. The events unfolding in Hong Kong are the best evidence in this day and age that gun rights, the rights which guarantee power remains in the hands of the people, are still relevant, and that when you give up your freedom for a false sense of security, you end up with neither freedom, nor security.

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