Why Are Conservatives Promoting Tulsi Gabbard?

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By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Recently, Tulsi Gabbard has been making the rounds in conservative news outlets. Breitbart has been giving wall-to-wall coverage of her and interviewed her in their podcast. Fox News has come to her defense, giving her article after article repeating her talking points against Hillary Clinton and interviewing her on Fox News Sunday. And even the anti-Communist Epoch Times has caught the Gabbard fever, giving her positive articles over the attacks.

This is concerning, mainly because every conservative I've spoken to has been fully convinced she isn't a socialist and is instead a die-hard American patriot who is anti-authoritarian and makes her party appear fringe-Left.
Tulsi Gabbard is another socialist. She wants gun control. She wants universal healthcare. 
But none of that, minus her patriotism, is even remotely true. Tulsi Gabbard is another socialist. She wants gun control. She wants universal healthcare. She wants to expand Federal education spending and has authored bills that would make our tax dollars go toward free college. She wants to expand immigration. She wants to bankrupt and disband private prisons and hand their prisoners over to the state, much like how it is in Communist countries like China.

She also wants to ban offshore drilling, ban fracking, remove subsidies to our much needed gas, coal, and nuclear power options (the US power grid would become astronomically more expensive and inefficient like what has happened in France, Chile, Ecuador, and California), and instead subsidize green energy fully.

In addition to this, she wants to expand Social Security and Medicare. She also wants to pass DACA, and while a Congresswoman she sponsored the DREAM Act and Bridge Act.

Does any of this sound remotely "moderate" at all? This is not much more "moderate" than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, or Maxine Waters. But you wouldn't know it, considering the amount of praise she has received from the Conservative press. I hate to say it, but you in the press have been deceived.
Gabbard has no desire to pass conservative policies. The closest to "conservative" we would get would be legalizing marijuana and pulling out of foreign wars
Yes. I understand we do not like Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren. But Gabbard is USING you. She has no desire to pass conservative policies. The closest to "conservative" we would get would be legalizing marijuana and pulling out of foreign wars, and that's only if you consider "Libertarian" to be the sole meaning of Conservative. I am quite sure those of the Christian Right and Paleoconservative movements would have quite a bit negative to say at legalizing pot (not to mention her stances on LGBT rights. Oh the Christian Right would have a field day with her plans for that).

The Epoch Times, you should know better. You know what communism looks like. You were founded with the intent to stop communism in China and later expanded that scope abroad. You know what persecution looks like. I expected much better from you. You have led the charge against communism for decades. I hope you do not continue on the Gabbard train. Don't give a socialist good press.
If we're really conservative, if we really hate authoritarianism, if we despise socialism and tyranny, then we should not be giving Gabbard good press
But the rest of you Conservatives in the news, wake up. She is pretending to be "moderate" to get you to report on her. She knows you will eat up every chance you can get to bash Hillary Clinton and the other candidates. She is telling you what you want to hear. She is cherry picking her policies and conveniently ignoring her straight authoritarian socialism. And you are playing right into her hands.

If we're really conservative, if we really hate authoritarianism, if we despise socialism and tyranny, then we should not be giving her good press. We shouldn't be defending her. Because a communist leader who is nice is still a communist. And the policies don't change because the person's personality does.

Ryan Holiday warned people of this. His textbook for getting anthing popular is to say inflammatory statements to the press and then have the press infight with itself over those statements. Gabbard is playing you. Don't give in.

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