Why Are Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Democrats Still Recklessly Clinging To The Risky Quid Pro Quo Narrative?

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

The impeachment show trials finally came to an end. After Democrats were destroyed point-by-point by their own star witnesses on the nonexistent quid pro quo over Ukrainian military aid, the House will vote on Articles of Impeachment and an impeachment trial will likely be sent off to the Senate.

Some key takeaways:

The only viable argument that can weakly be made by Democrats is "pressure" from Trump over the Biden investigation in the form of a White House meeting. But even so, Zelenskiy himself says he never felt pressure and nobody can pressure him or Ukraine to do anything. This is corroborated by Trump's own statements, the fact the military aid was given, and no investigation will happen. Trump and Zelenskiy met anyway on September 25 at the United Nations. So, essentially, Ukraine got everything it wanted and Donald Trump got nothing, yet somehow Trump pressured Zelenskiy.

Adam Schiff and the Impeachment Brigade have switched reasons for impeachment five times: Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, a quid pro quo over military aid, bribery, and now back to a quid pro quo, but this time over a White House meeting. This feels more like a treasure hunt for some impeachment gold nugget than an actual, clear impeachment proceeding over well-defined "high crimes or misdemeanors."

We haven't heard testimonials from Joe Biden, the whistleblower, or Hunter Biden, some of the most important players in the entire treasure hunt. Instead we have heard statements from numerous people who had no firsthand knowledge of the call whose statements contradicted each other despite their all claiming to have very knowledgeable and deep understandings of what happened.

None of this has had any perceptible negative influence on President Trump's approval rating. In fact, it has consistently gone up since the dip it took at the beginning of the show trials on October 28th. Further, the most recent Emerson poll has President Trump's approval rating as positive and support for impeachment declining. One thing is clear, impeachment is a non-seller and only boldened Trump's image. This can't bode well for Democrats in 2020, who are betting on impeachment being the nail in Trump's coffin.

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