Today's New Hoax: There Was No Collusion Between Deep State Democrats And Their Ukrainian Friends To Defeat Donald Trump In 2016

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Now that the Impeachment Show Trials are behind us, and Democrats walked away with absolutely nothing, Adam Schiff and the intelligence community are working overtime to get people to believe another lie: there was no collusion between the Democrat Party and Ukraine, and anyone who says so is a Russian or a fool.

There's just one GLARING problem with this: the evidence says otherwise. There is more documented evidence of Ukraine-Democrat Collusion than of the existence of Pluto. There's FBI memos, there's USB flash sticks, there's media reports, and there's actual court testimonies linking key Democrat strategists, Hillary Clinton staffers, and Ukrainian government officials to a collusion effort to take down Donald Trump in 2016.

This didn't come from Russia. Russia doesn't write FBI memos. They didn't create flash drives that were handed off by Ukrainian government officials to Democrat strategists and Hillary Clinton staffers. They didn't write the court testimonies that Deep State agents testified in. It is simply absurd to call such a mountain of evidence a "debunked conspiracy theory" orchestrated by Vladimir Putin.

This is actual, verified proof of mass deception at work. Based on three or four contradictory witness testimonials of people who weren't even present nor could even say anyone told them there was a connection between the military aid and an investigation into Joe Biden, the press, the intelligence community, and Democrats are colluding in a coup to remove Trump from office based on nothing more than "I'm an expert so I'm right." There are no documents, no paper trail, no video, no photos, no phone conversations, nothing other than so-called "experts" saying something never happened. This is the epitome of a deception campaign in motion.

And this mass deception campaign is being repeated everyhere: Associated Press, Reuters, ABC News, The Hill, NBC News, CBS News, etc. But even worse, the entire campaign is based on a straw man. The press is asserting, as are Democrats and the intelligence community, that Trump and his supporters are saying Russia never hacked the elections and Ukraine did what Russia did. This is false. Nobody on the right is saying that. Republicans agree Russia interefered. The Republicans wrote the intelligence report on Russia Interference in the 2016 campaign. This new Ukrainegate Hoax needs to be exposed.

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