Nancy Pelosi's New Plot To Destroy President Trump's 2020 Campaign Was Foiled When She Heard This Major News That Broke Today

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Nancy Pelosi has been trying to foil President Trump's re-election efforts non-stop for years. It started with the Russia Collusion Hoax, where she defended Mueller's witch hunt at every move, and when that failed, she and Adam Schiff tried to use a call between President Trump and newly-elected President Zelenskyy in Ukraine to establish a whole host of fake allegations: bribery, the Quid Pro Quo Hoax, and the Meeting Refusal Hoax, to come up with reasons to remove a duly-elected President from office against the will of the people.

Once Adam Schiff had his turn with the impeachment shovel and came up with nothing, Nancy Pelosi handed it to Devin Nunes to spin the narrative of impeachment into a "discussion" over whether any of the fake things Trump never did warrants impeachment from office. But in addition to that, she is also engaging in a covert damage control plan to tank President Trump's reelection efforts through strong-arming his major bills that would be fulfilling his campaign promises.

After she used every trick in the books to delay the much needed and well-liked USMCA Trade Deal that would revitalize the farming economy and help Mexico and Canada in addition to our factories here in the United States, this latest report on the economy completely foils her efforts.

President Trump is known to have revved up our economy to new heights. The unemployment rates are at all-time lows, the employment rate is at an all-time high, and food stamp usage is lower than it has been in decades. These numbers disprove the Democrat Party talking points that the answer to everyone's troubles is not a deregulated, free economy but instead stealing money from the rich to give it to the poor. Trump's economy proves businesses and citizens will naturally help themselves to make their lives better and spread their own wealth around if given the opportunity. Proof of this is the record high Middle class wages and the boosts in salaries and bonuses at 160+ companies after the Trump Tax Cuts.

Her ploy to delay the USMCA to offset President Trump's uncharacteristically high economic success in the White House will only serve to make her look like the bad girl in the "compromise" she is seeking. Mexico and Canada both are waiting on her to officiate the deal, and Mexico has already passed it in their country. Trump is holding the pen, and millions of farmers are waiting on her. Whatever leverage Nancy Pelosi thought she could muscle in for the Democrat Party by delaying a Trump campaign promise to replace NAFTA is completely undone by the economy's success. It will only serve to make her look like a selfish politician to millions of farmers and the average citizen who approves of President Trump's job with the economy.

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