Donald Trump's Re-Election Campaign Just Got The Biggest Gift He Could Have Ever Hoped For Yesterday

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (CC By-SA 2.0)

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Michael Bloomberg has just launched his 2020 campaign as another establishment shill with socialist views. His tired, old anti-Trump rhetoric is the same nonsense Hillary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Bernie Sanders have repeated non-stop to the deaf ears of voters: Trump is a threat to everything under the sun and then some.

This couldn't be better for President Trump in 2020, as many voters will remember Evan McMullen trying to use the same lines to steer votes away from Trump in the midst of the Russia Collusion Hoax. Of course it never worked then, and that was in the midst of the non-stop scandal and negative press over a now-debunked conspiracy theory. If that rhetoric didn't steal Trump voters then, it certainly won't now.

But there is another silver lining to this entire debacle. President Trump was good friends with Michael Bloomberg. In fact, Trump donated to his campaigns and Bloomberg has said many positive things about Trump in the past. Now, he is turning himself into a liberal shill of President Trump: He's not accepting campaign donations, he refuses to accept the presidential salary, and he's using the same "I'm rich so I can't be bought" arguments Trump used in 2016. If Bloomberg wins the Democrat nomination, then what will he possibly have to separate himself other than the same policies of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren that nobody likes?

The nation already elected a billionaire businessman who couldn't be bought and wouldn't accept the Presidential salary. And the way Trump is coming out on top over impeachment and climbing in the approval polls means Americans aren' buying any of the Democrats' talking points about Trump being impeachable, corrupt, or unfit for office. Bloomberg coming out of the gate making these claims will do nothing but embolden Trump supporters and and destroy his credibility.

President Trump beating Bloomberg to all the character talking points of being unable to be bought, not taking the presidential salary, and being a billionaire himself makes Michael Bloomberg an imposter, and Democrats are already saying that. Plus, the wall-to-wall press coverage of the Sanders and Warren anti-Trump talking points coming from his mouth will cheapen the rhetoric because Americans will be thinking another shill is repeating the same talking points they don't believe about the President. If he continues down this campaign path, then he might as well just open the door to the White House and let President Trump walk on in.

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