Do The Democrats Know Which End Is Up?

Image credit: Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

After Democrats and the Press badgered President Trump endlessly about the first Ukraine phone call and all the "secrets" it could hold that would supposedly impeach him, the call was, unsurprisingly, tame.

The transcript, released by the White House today, shows a completely appropriate call between two world leaders. President Trump congradulated the Zelenskiy on winning the election and Zelenskiy returned the kind words with words of his own. There is nothing scandalous, nothing hyperbolic, and no secret bombshell proof of a quid pro quo in this 16-minute phone call.

At this point I'd be embarassed to work at The New York Times or CNN. First, they hyped the original call as a bombshell that would prove President Trump committed impeachable offenses. When that fizzled out, they then switched the narrative to a "secret" call President Trump had with Zelenskiy in April. Surely, they thought, this would contain a bombshell, or else President Trump would have released it.

But, once again, it's all a big "nothing burger." There's no "there" there. Yet they continue as if there was one. Things are looking graver and graver for known liar Adam Schiff. He has to keep up the impeachment treasure hunt long enough to give the Democrats and their pals in the press fodder to win in 2020, since, as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so flagrantly announced to the world, they know they're losing.

Amid all this, President Trump's approval rating has climbed back to 44% after dipping to 41% when the original phone call accusations came out. The american public is wise to the impeachment scent, and they know it's rotten. If the Democrats were wise they'd change their tune, because it seems the Impeachment Inquiry is actually boosting Trump's numbers, not tanking them. But they won't, because they know the moment America focuses on bumbling, health-issue-plagued Biden, they will flock to President Trump in droves, since, as polls show, the majority of Americans despise socialism and Biden is the closest to a non-socialist, patriotic candidate they have.

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