Anyone Hating Donald Trump For His Awarding Conan The K9 Doesn't See How Unbalanced The Democrat Party Has Become

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Since President Trump has taken office, Democrats have been trying to impeach him. The Washington Post published an article on the day President Trump officially became president titled "The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun." Ever since, our President has been subjected to endless investigations and fake scandals based on nothing more than some guy's whisper in the Deep State.

In the midst of all this madness, Donald Trump held a celebration ceremony for a dog. While cute, entertaining, and likeable, if this happened in any other administration we'd think this is stark mad. I mean, who loves a dog this much? As if a dog really understands what's going on?

According to some of President Trump's statements you'd think the dog singlehandedly took down the Nazi regime in WWII:

"This the ultimate fighter. The ultimate everything."

"The dog is incredible, actually incredible."

"So brilliant, so smart. The way it was with the special forces."

I mean really now. It's a dog. It attacked a person holding a gun. There are thousands of police dogs who do the same thing; they don't get award ceremonies and time at the White House. But, we're all watching this thinking the world is right as rain. Why? Beause Democrats have been some of the most rabid, senseless liars and scandal-laiden politicians in the last two years. They have been so out-of-the-box lately that giving a dog a celebration ceremony seems sane.

Let's go over the Democrat resume of the last two years:
Just to be clear, Donald Trump is not mentally unbalanced. In the midst of everything going on, I happily welcome awarding a K9 a public ceremony for taking out a terrorist. Donald Trump has been a fantastic President, and Conan The K9 definitely did a heroic deed. But the mere fact a celebration ceremony for a dog doesn't seem insane right now proves just how off their rocker the Democrat Party has become.

In 2019, we are no longer fighting over insane policies. We are now fighting to ensure our candidates are not mentally unbalanced. We are fighting between a party that glorifies "Some people did something" on 9/11 and "Impeach that mother****er" and a President and party that wants to continue the unprecedented economic achievements we have seen. We are fighting between a party that wants to slaughter babies through all stages, and after, pregnancy, and one that wants to preserve the sanctity of innocent life. Is it any wonder we love Conan The K9? That ISIS raid is one of the few good pieces of news to have ever happened in the last 2 years.

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