Adam Schiff's Latest Move On His Impeachment Failure Makes Nancy Pelosi's Life Very Difficult For The Next Few Weeks

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

In a desperate ploy to keep the impeachment treasure hunt in the House for as long as possible, known liar Adam Schiff has delayed the intelligence report until "early next month." This follows Nancy Pelosi referring the baseless inquiry to the House Judiciary Committee for indefinite review.

The Democrats are losing on all fronts in the impeachment treasure hunt. But Schiff's latest report would be a completely new narrative which he says could form a "separate" article of impeachment. For those of you keeping score, this is now the 6th time Democrats have changed their reason for impeaching President Trump: the Russia Collusion Hoax, fake obstruction of justice charges, a quid pro quo hoax for an investigation into Joe Biden's verified corruption, bribery without monetary compensation, withholding a White House meeting, and now "refusal" to testify. Even though Trump has said he wants to testify in the Impeachment Trial in the Senate.

That's right: known liar Adam Schiff's nonstop treasure hunt, with its unfettered access to top secret classified documents, and the nonstop contradictory witness testimonies, and the full power of the investigative press and their non-stop lies, came up with nothing more than refusal to testify. This is the new "reason" to impeach President Trump.

Nevermind the fact that nobody is required to testify before Congress, or the fact that known liar Adam Schiff has turned down others who were asked to testify, the new narrative is President Trump refused to conform to Schiff's whims. Goodness, I hope this is the only article of impeachment Democrats craft. This would be the most snoozeworthy trial in out nation's history if that was the final article drawn. Of course, for once, it would actually be true. But the fact that the new argument is President Trump didn't bend to the will of Congress shows to the American people that Congress thinks it is the sole ruler of our land. That it is above the President and even above the Constitution.

Of course, Schiff's move is a response to the changing public sentiment over impeachment. Almost half of Americans think there's nothing there, and only 45% think there is something. Further, 46% of Americans believe the investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden should be expanded, while only 43% don't. The public sentiment is that President Trump did nothing wrong, and this is why Democrats are scrambling to change the story until they find something. Fortunately for the truth, the only "scandalous" thing Democrats claim President Trump has done isn't scandalous at all: he refused to testify in a show trial led by a Never-Trump Democrat who is known to lie.

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  1. Just read Schiff himself is knee deep in the ucraine money pit, accepting help himself.