Adam Schiff Failed To Make His Impeachment Lie Stick: Now This Is Nancy Pelosi's Next Desperate Ploy

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Quite frankly, Adam Schiff failed. After two weeks of show trials in which he brought forward all his hand-picked star witnesses and coached them through their questions in real-time, he came up with nothing. But worse for him and the Democrats, he actually boosted Trump's approval rating and helped cement the public's perception that there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing. So what is Nancy Pelosi going to do with this trainwreck?

Why, simply refer it to another committee of course! The Associated Press reports that Nancy Pelosi is now moving the impeachment treasure hunt to the House Judiciary Committee. In other words, Schiff didn't find anything impeachable and Trump called her bluff on a trial in the Senate. Instead of immediately voting on articles of impeachment over nothing, she is now moving the investigation somewhere else.

But, let's all pause for a minute to take in what just happened. Adam Schiff leads the House Intelligence Committee. He has unfettered access to classified intelligence documents and memos and briefings thanks to having staffers with Top Secret clearance levels, and he couldn't find anything and instead had to make it up as he went along. This is very telling. This means there is, without a doubt, nothing on President Trump. If there was something, Adam Schiff, being the rabid Never-Trumper that he is, would have found it.

So Nancy Pelosi, who is using the impeachment treasure hunt to take down President Trump since Democrats know they can't win in a 2020 face-off, has no choice but to hope and pray the House Judiciary Committee can come up with some bogus reason to impeach the President based on heresay and spin doctoring. Maybe she's hoping something will happen with Trump's taxes, though there must not be anything that would stick, considering we've already heard the brunt of those charges as well.

This is great news for the truth, as it shows Democrats have run out of lies and scandals and fake offenses and are now on the defensive. President Trump wanted a trial. President Trump knows there are Democrats in the Senate who would ask him the hardball questions he would have received from Adam Schff in the Impeachment Show Trials, yet he still chose to have the trial. If there is any damnable bombshell hiding in the impeachment inquiry, then Trump willing to submit himself to questioning from Democrats in the Senate would have clearly given an opportunity for it to become public. President Trump would never be so boneheaded as to commit political suicide when it could be avoided, so we know that there is, in fact, nothing.

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