Why are GOP Republicans Dropping Like Flies out of the 2020 Race?

By John Paluska, Founder of The Daily Fodder

Donald Trump has been put through the ringer. Things are so bad that even Mark Levin, who worked for Ronald Reagan, has been saying Trump's press problems are the worst any President has ever faced. But, despite these attacks by the media, and the fake news invented by the intelligence community, and the USSR-esque "inquiries" into the man's life, family, friends, and business career, almost every indication says he will take the White House again in 2020.

So why are other Republicans dropping like flies out of their races? If Trump, who is the most brash, in-your-face, blunt member of the Republican Party, surrounded by controversy, swamped in bogus investigations brought about by baseless accusations, and battling even Fox News in addition to almost all other mainstream media outlets, can somehow win over public opinion to the conservative cause, then clearly the GOP must not have it so bad.

One would think that all a GOP Representative would need to do to waltz back into Congress in 2020 would be to say "Hey. I agree with Trump. This impeachment witch hunt is baseless and stupid. It's a coup by the intelligence community and a ploy by the Democrats to get Biden in office."

But instead they're simply dropping out of the race. Despite Trump's high social media sentiment, which has correctly predicted every Presidential election to date since its inception, and the roaring economy, and a near-90% approval rating from conservatives, these GOP party members think Trump is a cancer who will make life too difficult for them in 2020. If you think about it, it totally flies straight in the face of any sort of realistic way of looking at the world.

However, some may balk, that I'm forgetting about the polls. The polls show Trump sucks! Well, the polls also said Trump sucked in 2016, but guess who won many "unwinnable" states like Michigan and Pennsylvania that the "polls" said were impossible? Polls simply are not what they used to be.

Take Biden's approval rating as an example. Right now, the most recent Real Clear Politics polls for 10/17-10/27 have Biden ranging everywhere from 21% to 34%. That's a 13% difference. If polls are so accurate, then why the large variance? The same was true for the 2016 polls with Trump vs. Clinton. The variance was oftentimes out of the typical margin of error for polls of  +/- 3% anyways.

Donald Trump, despite his attacks on guns and vapes and his fight to import socialism into the healthcare system through price controls, has been a relatively solid conservative president, and he has kept his major campaign promises, or at least tried very hard to do so.

He's defunded Planned Parenthood abortions in the Executive Branch, he's pulled millions out of the UN because the money went to corrupt aid oligarchs instead of the people in need, and NATO is now paying their fair share. The economy is doing phenomenally, the stock market is much higher than when Trump took office, and the unemployment rates are at historic lows.

In addition to these stunning victories, the amount of people on food stamps has significantly dropped, there is record high employment, wages have increased, taxes have been lowered, and the Federal Register, which is the list of regulations enforced by the Executive Branch, is smaller than it has been in decades.

These are major conservative policy victories, and they were all accomplished despite a negative press, a rogue intelligence community, insurrection from fellow staffers, and a Democrat Party currently holding an impeachment inquiry over completely lawful actions and hoax narratives invented by Deep State intelligence operatives.

The only thing clear to me is these GOP quitters honestly believe wildly fluctuating and inaccurate polls are more conductive of the national sentiment than the fact their decidedly-conservative president who has accomplished precisely what the GOP has been hollowly saying since 2008 that they'd do for the American people, has practically every indicator of winning the 2020 election, and has somehow managed to rally the public to his side and keep a high Republican approval rating.

Crazy times we live in.

John Paluska is the founder and senior editor of The Daily Fodder.

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