Donald Trump Killed Him Wrong! God save Tsar Schiff and Queen Pelosi and death to the tyrant!

This weekend an historic moment in the War On ISIS occurred. The head of the deeply-connected terror group was killed off. But rather than praise this momentous occasion and rally together to continue fighting terrorism abroad, the Left turned this moment into another case of "Orange man bad!"

His majesty Tsar Adam Schiff, the ruler of Congress and keeper of secrets, who is holed up with his Inner Circle conducting his secret briefings on impeachment over crimes the FBI, DOJ, and Obama's DNI all couldn't find, currently fueled by an impeachment hoax written by a whistleblower with no firsthand experience who is so protected nobody but the Tsar and his Inner Circle know who he is, recently accused Trump of not telling him in advance of his plans to take down the leader of ISIS.

Meanwhile, Queen Pelosi, whose subjects are regularly held in contempt of her Congress, nodded in approval, appalled at the fact the Executive Branch didn't let her know ahead of time of their actions. Oh! The gall of that orange-haired ape!

Of course, when Obama took out the head of Al Qaeda at his house in a surprise sting operation, the Democrats didn't release a peep of dissent. They weren't there complaining that it took him 10 hours to deliberate over it or that he should have done it differently. No, they were busy congratulating him on the one brazenly tough foreign policy move he ever made in his entire 8 years in office. They couldn't shut up about how great he was.

I'm sorry, Tsar Schiff, and Queen Pelosi, that the Executive Branch didn't let you know they were conducting a highly classified, insurmountably important military campaign with one of the most leak-prone administrations in our country's history. Perhaps you'd also like to be aware of when he makes his regulars and what he ate for dinner that night, considering you believe you have a right to know and deliberate on how the Executive Branch and its members live their lives, despite this not being in the Constitution.

Meanwhile, these are the same people criticizing Trump for removing troops from Syria. Pick a side! Do you want Trump to use military force or don't you? Do you want Trump to stop terrorism or don't you? As Stalin and Queen Mary murdered their enemies over unfounded claims and fake news, Tsar Schiff and Queen Pelosi are following in their footsteps. Murdering Trump's, his family's, his friends, and his allies' political careers.

What should be happening is what happened when Communist FDR attacked the Nazis. The nation rallied together and fought tooth-and-nail to destroy evil. Republican and Democrat alike put aside their differences to win a war against evil. The press chipped in too, reporting on the successes from the front lines and the horrors of Nazism. For a brief period, America was one united front in a quest to destroy evil and destroy it immediately.

There is little need to defend the position that ISIS is an evil organization. In many ways, their vision is quite similar to Hitler's: establish a single government, murder and imprison anyone who deviates, and fight a global war to accomplish these ends.

Instead of rallying behind Trump and coming together, the Tsar, the Queen, and the Thought Police Press are all smearing the man who has taken down ISIS, the problem Democrats, under Hillary and Obama, started. What a world.

John Paluska is the founder of The Daily Fodder, a veteran marketing consultant, and Christian.

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