Declaration of Independence from Hate

It's truly unreal times we live in. It seems as though America has become a militant country, with social justice warriors and militant socialist protesters on the left and the militant KKK and Neo-Nazi factions on the (begrudgingly, since as a Christian Conservative I feel they hold zero identification to what Conservatism stands for) right. However, it goes much deeper than that. Nowadays, the mainstream news is hateful, spiteful, and full of lying; skewering; and misrepresentation. On the right we have Michael Savage, Mark Levin, and others blowhorning about the wiles of liberalism. However, it is much more than blowhorning; it is insultful, hateful, and does nothing but stir up anger in the listeners.

Now, I will have to interject here and say that there is a marked difference between hating what is evil and hating different opinions and those who hold them. I am not against hating evil in all its actions. We must definitely hate rape, theft, murder, manipulation, pathological lying, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that run swiftly toward evil, one who sows discord among comrades, etc. However, there are plenty of people who do not do those things regularly, and thus should not be lumped into a category of general hatred. However, I digress.

This hateful, insultful, and angering reporting of events from both the left and the right is certainly not helping this country. When people are maddened and angered about the problems in the world without being told how to fix those problems, people will often resort to violence and vandalism and, at the very least, continuing to propagate the same hate and malice that they hear from their commentators and news outlets. This does not mean that people are not responsible for their actions, but it does mean that those who have a voice must be very careful in how they use that voice, either to bring people closer to the truth and brotherly love and right morals, or to hatred and anger and vandalism.

Now, I do not want to deceive anyone. I, myself, have been involved in this hate parade in the past. However, I took a hard look at some of the blights and slights I had woven into my arguments and realized that it would profit little more than anger and malice at the symptoms of the problem and not the root of the problem itself. It was then that I decided I had had enough. I decided that we must teach ourselves a better way, a more informative and honest way, and a way that gets the truth across without undue insults and lambastes.

I will never be against boldly proclaiming the truth, and I suggest that others do the same. However, I will be against insults where there is none to be had. I will be against rhetoric designed to incite people to anger and rage. I will also be against manipulation, deception, and evil. However, I will be against it in a way that informs and speaks the truth, but does so in love. This is my declaration of independence from hate, and I hope others will join in the declaration with me.

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