The Crusade Against a Better America

Lies and manipulation do not a better country make. With the mainstream media effortfully and tirelessly assaulting the President of the United States with countless anonymous sources whose names are never revealed even after their information is proven to have been falsity, it really makes one wonder what the state of the union has become. It seems as though if anything even barely violates an iota of Marxism, there is cause for the media to go up in arms, deviously generating lie after lie to ensure that whatever golden glistening of truth happened to be perceived by the American citizenry is effectively covered up behind a veil of manipulation and deceit.

The proof of this is at this point self evident: the treason claims do not hold water, the Russian collusion story was openly called baseless by one of its propagators, and the real treason that has been repeatedly committed by the former Obama Administration appointees has been kept under the radar, not to mention there have been regular illegal stays on Trump's completely constitutional executive order by multiple judges who should be fired for their cherrypicking of the American Legal system. Yes, the evidence is in and the jury is out: The Trump Administration and its main supporters are the direct recipient of treason and the American people's opinion on election day is not good enough for the elites in D.C. and the News Media.

On the Michael Medved Show recently, a Trump supporter called in arguing that those who voted against Donald Trump did not understand the American spirit. This is an argument that is actually quite valid if one reads John Jay's Federalist no. 2, where Jay credits open criticism of the government and the values of freedom and justice and personal liberty as the founding of the American nation, along with a love of community. It was these exact values that caused many Trump supporters to vote for our current President. However, Michael Medved decided that, instead or responding to the argument with a spirited, evidence-based debate concerning America's founding, it was better to call strong Trump supporters crazy and separated from reality.

That is hardly a rational argument or even an effective one. The ol' "everybody is wrong and crazy but me" argument is stale and lackluster, and it is the reason Trump was elected in the first place. People were tired of being told they needed to exactly follow the elitists because everyone was wrong but them about everything. Instead, they had decided that it was time they elected someone who worked for them and promised them freedom, economic prosperity, and a government of the people and by the people. If that is not American spirit then I might as well just throw out my copy of the Constitution and Federalist Papers and totally disregard the Declaration of Independence.

There is most assuredly a crusade against a better America, and it is led by the globalists in the United States who are waging war against capitalism, opting instead to turn the United States into another China. It was not socialism that made this country great, it was God and country that did. This country was not founded on Socialism, and the Constitutional Convention did not seek to create a socialist country. In contrast, De Tocqueville in his major historical work Democracy in America credits the success of America to self reliance, freedom, and Christian charity that began in the local church and permeated the entire community. In his journeys, he witnessed how the American way built this country into a thriving economic community. Without God, the Bible, freedom, and self reliance this country would not have succeeded, and strong Trump supporters voted for Trump based on strong feelings concerning at least one of those key historical American values. To suggest that America needs socialism or that Trump is the antithesis of the American way or the Declaration of Independence is to suggest that the great capitalist and Christian values that built this country and made it great is polemic to the creation of a bright tomorrow. If anything Donald Trump affirmed that his administration is in favor of those values in his Warsaw speech, which means that the liberals and elites who voice indignant opposition must be against the values that made this country great.

We the people must unite together to stop this crusade against our livelihoods and desires. The government exists not to make us its slaves and subjects, but instead to do what is in our best interest. Destroying the very values that made this country great certainly cannot be what is in our country's best interests, and therefore we the people must exercise our civic duties of freedom of speech and voting to replace the tyrants with public servants, with people whose top priority is not their bank accounts but ours and our posterity's. In short, we need to begin to peaceably assemble, use our freedom of speech, and cast our votes to take back our country and demand that it adhere to the very constitution and values it seeks to destroy.