Make America Hate Again

This country is in grave disrepair. Daily the news is lying to Americans, and daily American college students at universities, which were once bastions of free speech, are blockading speakers of the opposite ideological persuasion from attending speaking events which they were invited to attend. This, my friends, is not America. It is not the American way to ostracize and demonize people for having an idea. Nor is it the American way to riot in the streets over the election of a presidential candidate. This country has become unable to live with contentions and disagreements. In fact, this country has become unable to live with clear-cut definitions of words.

Take the word "racist" for example. Racism has now come to mean eating certain foods, being of a certain economic class, and speaking certain "key phrases," some of which have totally honest and malice-free intentions and interpretations. We need clear-cut definitions for words before the perfectly appropriate word "racism" becomes a blanket term for anything that happens to an African American, be it from black police officers, white police officers, the totally wicked KKK, alt-right miscreants, militant SJW warriors, or average joes who are trying to do right by their fellow man in terms of avoiding racism.

In fact, the more I watch the news and peruse Facebook, the more I notice that this country just wants to hate. I have seen striking parallels between 3-year-old spoiled brats and college-aged, starry-eyed socialists who are disconcerted with the fact that a racist, bigotedrapscallion lost the election. Spoiled 3-year-olds throw temper tantrums, whine and bellow their tears, and throw things or destroy property when their parents have the unmitigated gaul to refuse to buy them that new Barbie Doll or Power Ranger. College-aged, starry-eyed, socialists bellow out their tears, throw temper tantrums, and deface private property through riots whenever they don't get their way.

The mainstream media and millennial socialists are quick to denounce anyone who disagrees with them with a cacophony of words and phrases that are designed to shut down arguments without actually dealing with the arguments themselves. Don't agree with the act of two men or women having sex with each other? You're a bigot. Don't think that women deserve special reparations for being mistreated by male chauvinist caitiffs? You're a sexist. Don't think that America should blindly accept anyone who enters the country, regardless of moral fiber or criminal standing in their home country? You're xenophobic. Don't think that men should be walking around with their underwear showing and that women should be walking around in paper thin, ultra-revealing clothing? You're (you guessed it) a bigot who hates freedom of expression. My friends, if you would like to debate the nature of homosexuality or reparations or immigration or the clothing industry, then I am all ears, but simply namecalling someone is nothing more than elementary school shoolyard antics that does nothing but make you look immature. Speaking hateful words does nothing more than breed hate, and making America hate again will not solve any of our problems.

The solution is to speak the truth in brotherly love. Sure, there are some very candid people out there who callously chide with thrusts of the knife, but most of the time that sort of brazen crassness is totally unnecessary. There is an old Hebrew proverb that goes "The tongue of the wise uses knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools pours out foolishness." In other words, wise people actually use knowledge correctly when they speak, but foolish people just spout foolishness. Do we want to be more like the wise man or the foolish man? Perhaps if we began actually spreading knowledge with our lips as opposed to epithets and slurs we will actually be able to move past our country's deep seated issues. So instead of spreading hate, let us spread knowledge. Instead of propagating schoolyard-esque insults, let us propagate candid yet kind knowledge concerning issues. Perhaps if we all debate the issues with maturity, the widespread hatred in this country will plummet.

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