Revamped Website Design

As you may have noticed, our website has received a graphic design revamp. (Yes, we are just as excited about it as you!) However, this does not mean that any of our content has disappeared or that any of your favorite pages have vanished. The contents that you love are still present within the site. However, the navigation has slightly changed. This article will tell you how to navigate through those new minor changes

Site Navigation

The navigation bar is still present at the top of the page. However, it will not follow you down as you read the article. This does not mean that the navigation bar has vanished. Instead, you may notice a three line looking design next to the search function (labeled with the word "search"). I you click on that design, it will reveal the different pages you can go to, along with some other useful features.

Sharing and Commenting

You might notice that articles have become more easy to share than before. There are two social media sharing buttons (aptly labeled with the word "share") appearing in every article page that, when clicked, will provide you with a range of options to share the content from our site that you have found particularly useful or knowledgeable. The first share button appears at the top of the page

To comment on an article, you merely begin by clicking on the words that read "enter your comment" and it will let you begin typing.

I Hope This Information is Helpful and That You Enjoy the Revamped Website as Much as the Old One

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